On the first day of the seventh month the Feast of Trumpets introduces or announces the Feast of Tabernacles by blowing of trumpets. It is a festival of trumpets sounding throughout the land and calling the nation to prepare for the Day of Atonement, the day of national cleansing. The Feast of Trumpets teaches repentance; it calls upon every person to repent and confess their sins before God. 

We must repent of our sins before we can be forgiven by God, but repentance alone is not enough. Everyone must turn toward Jesus, accepting His atoning sacrifice at Calvary and receiving Him in joy - unfathomable, everlasting, and indescribable - which this world cannot give or take away. Understanding and experiencing this Feast will enrich the lives of believers in Christ.

This Feast of Trumpets is not a feast based on Judaism; it is not based on the religion of the rabbis. It is based on the Word God gave to His people. This is the Lord's feast. The Scripture must not be confused with tradition. 

When the trumpet (shofar) blows, it is to cause us to be alert. Consider Romans 13:11, " . . . it is high time to awake out of sleep . . . "