We encourage all of our members to stay connected to all that God is doing in this house. 

Membership Guidelines

Individuals desiring to become members of Grace Congregational Church (GCC), age 18 and up, should successfully complete all portions of the Orientation To Commitment (OTC) class and/or simply complete the New Member Information Packet. Youth, birth to age 17, membership status is based on at least one parent/guardian(s) membership status. Youth who have reached the age of 18, desiring to become members of GCC should follow the adult membership requirements above.


Other Membership Types:

WATCH CARE: Members of another ministry who would like to connect with GCC as a home away from home. This would apply to individuals such as college students, or others visiting/living temporarily in the city for an extended period.


Membership Status:


ACTIVE: A member who supports the ministry financially through tithes and offering and/or attends services on a consistent basis in any given calendar year, January through December.


INACTIVE: A member who has not been active, as defined above, for a period of one (1) calendar year will be placed in an inactive status.

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